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Path of Progress Investment
Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zones were created as a provision in the 2017 Tax Reform bill and are intended to be a win-win for communities in need of development dollars and investors looking to minimize tax exposure on their capital gains. PlaceMKR focuses on developing in these designated areas within tech-driven metropolitans.

  • For Investors, this is one of the most impactful capital gains tax incentive programs in the history of the United States with the ability to invest gains nearly tax-free while helping to develop low-income communities.
  • For Businesses that relocate to an Opportunity Zone, there are significant benefits for doing so that include utilizing capital gains towards working capital needs, tenant improvements and initial rental payments.
  • For Communities, the effective impact is the development of areas that would not otherwise see investment dollars in an effort to create affordable housing options, net new job growth and further neighborhood betterment.
Portfolio Highlights

This project marks the first ground-up office development in Austin’s Opportunity Zones, and one of the first in the entire State of Texas. With nearly 63,000 square feet of creative office, the development is primed to bring over 300 net new jobs to the thinkEast neighborhood in East Austin. In addition, the area’s first eatery will be created within the adaptive reuse of an on-site 2,000 square foot historic home.

Path of Progress


PlaceMKR strives to be at the forefront of burgeoning neighborhoods, both inside and outside of Opportunity Zones, to create places that make lives better. By being at the apex of expansion, we can create higher return-on-cost metrics that allow us to contemplate investment with both economic and social implications top of mind.


Our goal is to create places that make lives better, and in doing so, provide our investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns in the most sought after domestic real estate investment market, Austin Texas.

This mission is achieved through identifying off-market investment opportunities that hang on the converging edge of the cool, the cultured and the creative.

Alignment of ethos is paramount.


PlaceMKR is led by entrepreneurial real estate principals with over 25 years experience in multiple facets of commercial real estate development, investment, brokerage and management services. The collective core competencies of the team allow PlaceMKR to identify, conceptualize, and execute projects with the unique combination of diligence and speed needed to compete in the most sought after commercial real estate markets.

Headquartered in Austin Texas, the organization is also active in the New York Metro, Massachusetts and Florida.

We create places
that make lives better

Conscious Capital
  • We are thoughtful purveyors of radical placemaking.
  • We stoke a unique glow into the fabric of each community we touch.
  • We strive to deliver positive social impact through transformative land development.

and our investments hang on the converging edge of

  • The Cool
  • The Cultured
  • The Creatives